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Special wear resistant castings customization

yingyongfanwei:Customize various types of wear-resisting cast steel
shengchangongyi:VRH vacuum casting process No hydration process

Phoenix shape wear as the first in Asia wear-resisting material production base, has the abundant technical force, should be customer demand for special working conditions and the requirements of the casting dedicated special alloy steel, wear-resistant castings, special hammer head, at the same time providing customers with alloy steel drawing of surveying and mapping service and material selection

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The unique advanced casting molding process

Anhui province chicken form wear-resisting material co., LTD., with a unique advanced casting molding process, USES the international advanced casting process, VRH vacuum casting process.Chicken form wear-resisting introduced from abroad with the international advanced level of VRH law casting production line, the formation of production capacity of 20000 tons of cast steel, cast iron pieces.Using this production line production plate, roller, ground tile, composite hammer head, plate hammer, jaw plate, such as wear-resistant castings, belong to the first in the country.



Phoenix shape wear-resisting of VRH method are established the first domestic steel casting production line



Advanced testing equipment and perfect quality assurance system

Phoenix shape wear resistant material co., LTD. Establish in anhui province has the first institute of wear-resistant materials in anhui province and the provincial enterprise technology center, has a good quality team and the domestic first-class physical and chemical testing center.

In product chemical composition and mechanical properties of detection means, equipped with rockwell, brinell hardness tester on the Richter scale, high power optical microscope, universal material testing machine, falling ball tester, impact tester, lining board tester and dynamic load abrasive wear testing machine and other advanced testing equipment, and set up shop self-checking, quality inspection institute of sampling inspection, final inspection three-ring quality inspection system, ensure that the product factory qualified rate reached 100%.

Technical testing:




Phoenix shape wear as enterprise technology centers recognized by the anhui province, to produce wear-resisting material after ultrasonic magnetic particle inspection, hardness testing, metallographic analysis, inspection of the reentry after fully qualified wear-resistant casting processing, strive for casting factory qualified rate reached 100%.

Phoenix shape wear part tailored for the general customers the high quality alloy steel castings display:


        Ground tile                    roller                           nozzle


          Mill lining              board crusher              heat bimetal composite hammer head


Mill lining board crusher plate Chicken type electric business center warm prompt: we not only provide a variety of wear resistant material products of high quality, colleagues also provide perfect after-sales service, including free technical advice, to provide drawings of surveying and mapping, provides the improvement project of casting using and other technical services.Anhui province chicken form wear-resisting material co., LTD., can be made according to customer's drawings high-quality wear-resistant alloy steel.If unable to provide the drawings, can be made of chicken wear-resisting factory technical department for customers, for wear resistant casting field surveying and mapping, 3 d building and adjustment after test qualified.

Customized alloy steel castings main alloy material are:



 Wear resistant lining board type

Wear resistant lining board brand 

 The carbon in chromeI


 The carbon in chrome


  Medium carbon low alloy


 Low carbon high alloy


Nickel chromium molybdenum alloy steel 


 90 cr alloy steel


 Ordinary high strong steel


 Modification of high manganese steel


High manganese steel


Heat resistant steel






 High chromium cast steel


 High chromium cast steel


 High chromium cast steel


 High chromium cast steel


 High chromium cast steel