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News of Fengxing

Fengxing won the National Science and Technology Progress Aw

The National Science and Technology Awards Conference held recently on "and materials from the Fengxing and Jinan University, Guangdong Province Industrial Technology Research Institute (Guangzhou Nonferrous Metal Research Institute) and other units of the wear-resistant steel materials technology research and industrial applications, "project won the 2015 national Science and Technology Progress Award, the company chairman Chen as a major player in the project received the award at the same time.


After years of the project team technological innovation in key technologies, the system applied to other aspects of industrialization to achieve a major technological innovation. Researchers after research, created the three types of new wear-resistant steel materials and manufacturing techniques, namely: the outer abrasive wear for the harsh conditions of high temperature and high implant hard and tough ceramic preform body enhancement (hard) iron-based wear-resistant composite material Its gravity casting penetration metallurgical complex manufacturing technology for high hard and tough endogenous carbide erosion-corrosion wear conditions strongly enhanced (hard) hypereutectic high-chromium alloy wear-resistant material and directional control brittle crystal manufacturing technology, with on impact abrasive wear conditions of high wear-resistant alloy steel hard and tough, the creation of series of high wear-resistant alloy hardening rate optimization design and application of evaluation techniques.

Currently, the project invention and create three types of new wear-resistant steel materials and manufacturing technology, won 19 patents, utility model patents 44, presentation and application of hard wear-resistant material with a high toughness theory, leading the revision of GB 9 and 2 entry line marked, to develop a national publishing industry technology roadmap, published 108 (including SCI and EI papers 30), leading the establishment, support and development of the country "Steel wear-resistant materials industry technology innovation strategic alliance", graduate students and training technical backbone of more than 100 names. Project has received three provincial science and technology a prize. Project technical products have achieved mass production and application, related businesses in recent years, the direct production of more than 90 billion yuan in sales, material savings of 2.7 billion yuan of the total section. Outcome industry breakthrough development bottleneck, wear parts consumption dropped significantly, significantly improved the level of industrial technology of wear-resistant materials, lead and promote industrial development, and achieved remarkable economic and social benefits.