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Fengxing 2015 annual awards ceremony was held summary

January 1, 2016, phoenix-shaped shares 2015 annual summary awards ceremony was held in the cafeteria, chicken form the new party secretary of shares, chairman Chen Xiao, Chen new new general manager, the new management of cadres and company staff to participate.

At the meeting, the staff phoenix form of shares in the Nov. 24 death of the unfortunate illness of the former chairman Mr. Chen Zongming ceremony held in silence, the collective expression of grief. The new general manager Chen to the General Assembly in 2015 and made a summary of the work in 2016 the goal was chaired by the Minister Zhang Feng Qi Guanbu form of shares.
The new general manager Chen said in the report, in 2015 the company under the downturn cement, mining and other upstream sectors of the economy, our company production capacity has declined, but the company completed two major events in 2015, the first company in the successful completion of the relocation of the beginning of a whole, and the second is in the June 11 the company successfully listed in the Shenzhen SME sector.
Chen pointed out that the top priority of the new general manager of the 2016 work is the completion of the company's management system reform, the implementation of competition for employment, promoting innovation talents, followed by companies in the business will also be expanded to other areas, to break the single business situation.
Minister Qi Guanbu Zhangjixuan read FY2014, the year 2015 the company made outstanding contributions to advanced individuals and advanced group.
Chairman Chen Xiao, Chen new general manager, deputy general manager Zhu Yourun, Wang Zhihong and other leaders were advanced collective, advanced individual award.
In recognition of the meeting, the sales company manager Wu Mingjun, Xin Feng Chen Binger were advanced collectives and advanced individuals to speak at the meeting on behalf of.
Finally, the chairman Chen speech, summed up the past year's developments and achievements, and in 2016 raised new hopes, serious illness relief fund and proposed the establishment of scholarships for children of employees planning to further improve employee benefits.