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Fengxing basketball team basketball game played in the first

October 14 afternoon, Ningguo Economic and Technological Development Zone, the second staff fiery sports basketball game was held at Young Arena Development Zone. And Fengxing basketball team to play against the East wave company basketball team, two players full of energy, good condition, Fengxing basketball team steady play, getting better, awarded the victory.



Start of the game five minutes, I would rate the company basketball team advanced two goals, made a good start, the players the ball, passing, kicking, vigorous stature, casual ease. Dongbo company basketball team to be outdone, pursued, once the score closer or even overtake. But I basketball players grew in courage, relying on a good attitude and steady play in the final 15:11 to win the match score.



The basketball victory, inseparable from the players hard work pay and careful preparation, but also inseparable from our company leadership attaches great importance. Basketball will be held, not only enriched the employees were amateur life, and strengthen the exchange zone between companies, workers who demonstrated vigor, athletes who wish Fengxing has been able to maintain a good state of competition in the access steady play down the game, won success.