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Fengxing convened production safety work conference

August 24, 2015 afternoon, Chen, general manager of the large conference room on the second floor hosted the entire factory production safety work conference, deputy general manager Wang Zhihong, Zhao Jinhua and all cadres and workers canteen attended the meeting, will be government departments held on to convey the spirit of safe production meeting, combined with the phoenix-shaped company's production safety work carried out layout.


Deputy General Manager Wang Zhihong led membership cadres to seriously study the "People's Republic of China Production Safety Law." The company safety and environmental protection chief conveyed the spirit of the river Lek office safe production meeting was held, and on the "Safety Production Checklist" The situation has been described. Require the company to control "Safety Production Checklist" implemented one by higher levels of government to deploy 8 23 - October 23 safety inspection work.
Chen, general manager of concluding speech at the meeting:
1, safety is the top priority, each departments at all levels must attach great importance. Production safety must Jingzhongchangming, unremittingly, take preventive measures. To scrupulous controls in accordance with relevant provisions of law and regulations.
2, for the element of our company prone to accidents: gas leaks, scrap iron and steel in the seal body, abandoned bombs, driving wire rope, etc., the workshop should be organized first self-examination, safety and environmental protection department to strengthen the inspection and supervision, there are security risks to immediate rectification, the replacement to be replaced.
3, cafeteria workers should be placed on environmental health and food safety, and improve various systems to ensure that employees eat at ease.
4, for the civilized and safe working phoenix shape Hills, general manager stressed that the green belt to the deadline for the Eradication of vegetables, especially the guard room next to the sewage treatment facility, will vent was clogged vegetables, there are serious security risks, must Now clean. Also prohibited within the living quarters on poultry, livestock made provisions deadline has raised dealt with in late September, otherwise by the security department of personnel unified cleanup.