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Why high chrome ball, high chromium to heat treatment


Heat treatment is the process by heating, heat preservation, cooling the high chrome ball, as well as high chromium alloy wear-resistant material internal organization structure change to the performance, we need to improve the hardness of high chromium balls, high chromium and abrasion resistance, prolong the service life of the product.Of high chromium balls, as well as high chromium wear-resistant material heat treatment as machinery manufacturing enterprises in China energy conservation and emissions reduction.

Heat treatment process, is to guarantee and improve the quality of the product at the end of the procedure, the procedure is also very important."Phoenix" product of high performance in molding process must also be on the basis of advanced by the best heat treatment process to get fully embody.

Phoenix, the form of a company more medium quenching device automatically, with air, water or quenching oil single, double or more in this mode, through the computer automatic temperature control system to control the whole process of quenching process.For all kinds of working condition of different materials, different specifications, different products, all need to choose the optimized technique parameters and different curves are guaranteed, and help to get chicken shape products best matrix structure and mechanical properties.This is our ongoing research and development and for decades to create crystallization technology.

At present our company has built seven automatic continuous quenching and tempering heat treatment production line, make the product quenching and tempering in the specific process have been completed.Also have a lot of customers have such question, why the product after quenching and tempering treatment, this is because the product after quenching organization is not stable, if not timely tempering will continue to break down.


Advanced automatic continuous quenching medium and tempering heat treatment production line combined with original quenching oil
Chicken form the company through continuous technology innovation in terms of heat treatment, using their own unique formula of quenching medium, thus created the chicken products unmatched performance.For example: my company ordinary high chromium ball hardness has reached more than HRC62, ultra-high hardness of high chromium ball hardness can reach HRC64-66, in the domestic industry is another initiative.In addition, for the hardness above 66 degrees of hard wear-resistant products, we also are under development, will soon be batch production.On the premise of using fine grains process to ensure that the toughness, hardness is a key to improve the wear resistance of major.