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Anhui phoenix form high chrome ball unique iron mould coated


Cement industry, mining, power plants, and other enterprises in the production of selects high chrome ball (high chromium alloy cast balls) most concern of the technical indicators are high chrome ball (high chrome alloy casting ball hardness, high chrome ball (high chrome alloy casting ball abrasion and high chrome ball (high chromium alloy cast balls) of the chemical composition.Based on the traditional manual production line in the above three performance is insufficient, anhui phoenix shape wear more than two hundred and eighty professional and technical team, play to our capacity for independent innovation, research and development of advanced professional production line of iron mould coated sand, break through the technology of the limitations of the traditional manual production line.Anhui phoenix high chrome ball high wear resistance, high toughness, high hardness, low breakage rate for the customer saving a lot of the cost of production.

Compared to traditional manual production iron mould coated sand production line

Iron mould coated sand coating, mould used many times also won't appear within the mold cavity potholes, even if there are potholes, sand will fill potholes, make produce high chrome ball sphere surface is smooth, without potholes.Mould vents, exhaust effect is good, high chrome ball inside there will be no bubble, production of high chrome ball performance is stable.


Traditional way without sand production the swage within easy to appear the potholes, molten iron directly contact mold will be outside a layer of useless shell (flash), and the mold no vent, easy to cause high chrome ball inside a bubble, make the products can't guarantee the consistency of the quality.


Summarizes the advantages of iron mould coated sand production line:

1. Good exhaust, high chrome ball sphere internal no bubble, high temperature air hole

2. The use of high intensity of resin sand mould, ball without sand inclusion

3. The casting forming high chrome ball sphere surface is bright and clean, without potholes

4. Automatic production line to ensure the product fixed molding process, to ensure the stability of product performance and size,

5. Professional scientific control of hot metal solidification speed production line

6. Higher mold sprue cup, increase the static pressure molding, guarantee the high chrome ball tight inside the sphere


Anhui phoenix form independent research and development of iron mould coated sand production line production of high chrome ball, high chrome alloy casting ball products such as high hardness, high wear resistance, high toughness, low breakage rate, the products are widely used in cement industry, mining and need grinding materials such as thermal power industry, to help enterprises in the process of production to save the production cost, response to a national energy conservation and emission reduction policy, promote the economic sustainable development.