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Science reasonable grinding machine grading scheme helps inc

Reasonable grinding medium size distribution and loading capacity is to ensure that the cement vertical mill grinding system is the basic requirement of running, not reasonable grinding grading and loading capacity, not only affect the specific surface area of the product, fineness, also limits the output of the mill.Therefore, optimization of grinding medium size distribution and loading capacity is very important to improve the quality of grinding machine production,.Phoenix shape wear according to specific conditions and in combination with scientific compounding mill ball mill and the circumstances grading scheme, improve mill capacity, at the same time use chicken shape brand grinding energy better protect mill cylinder liner, decrease the number of mill stalling and maximize mill efficiency.


Mill grinding medium grading rule of optimization:

Accords with the particle size distribution law of the grinding material, the use of "the middle is big, two small head" of the ball;Because in the particle size of material in the process of grinding material is from large to small, large particles gradually reduce, fine particles increases, grinding force is very important, no longer mainly impact number of times.According to the material particle size, hardness, easy to grinding and product fineness requirement to go with the ball, when the good material smaller, easy to grinding, fine product fineness requirement, should strengthen the material grinding effect, load of the grinding medium is smaller in diameter.Large mill and small mill, raw meal grinding and the grinding medium of cement mill, there is a difference between due to the small mill barrel is short, so the material stay in grinding time is short, to extend the material stay in the ground for a time, the average ball diameter should be larger mill small;Due to the raw meal grinding fineness of coarser, combined with clay and iron powder particle size is small, so the raw meal grinding, crushing effect should be strengthened in the broken warehouse should reduce grinding effect.With ball mill, the ball is big, the space between the rate of material flow velocity is fast, the coarse grinding material, in order to control the logistics flow, satisfy the fineness requirement, should use competing, reduce the void fraction of steel ball, make the material slows down, extend the material stay in the ground for a time.Single storehouse grinding should be all steel ball;After the double warehouse grinding head warehouse with steel ball, warehouse with steel ball (or steel forging);More than three warehouse loading steel ball mill is the first two silos, the rest of the warehouse steel forging.Closed-circuit grinding machine with material back into the mill, steel ball impact due to "cushion cushion" will weaken, so the average ball diameter of steel ball thrown.As a result of the liner wear make the ball mill capacity is insufficient, impact, shall be appropriately increased ball.

Mill fill rate optimization principle:

When the product fineness range can be relaxed, the pursuit of high yield, grinding and ball material ratio is not high, need to increase the rate of filling.When the material is good, in order to increase production can improve the filling rate;But when poor material is not for production and increase the rate of filling, especially in forging a storehouse, so that it will reduce the grinding efficiency.When material particle size, hardness, need large crushing function, fill rates should be higher, if the warehouse layout is poor, the ball material than smaller, warehouse are too many memory material, cannot too increase the rate of filling, because of the high fill rates will make within the warehouse space smaller, grinding medium impact height is reduced greatly.New lining surface grinding medium promotion ability, high grinding medium were taken, filling rate can get lower.Using a single storehouse board insulation device of the ball mill, because of the influence of the former warehouse after discharging the warehouse, the warehouse after filling rate is generally higher than warehouse before;Improve warehouse board insulation device of the ball mill with double belt, because the influence of the former warehouse after discharge from the warehouse, warehouse after fill rates according to running status and a warehouse in flat or slightly higher, for two warehouse mill, grinding cement filling rate is usually the two warehouse about 2% larger than a warehouse, raw grinding fill rates when two warehouse about 1.2% larger than a warehouse or basically the same.For a classifier of the grinding machine, grinding machine grinding body fill rates are usually used by warehouse reduce method, both before and after the warehouse spherical can generally be in the 25 mm to 50 mm height control, this will increase the material within the grinding velocity;Without classifier of the grinding machine, grinding machine grinding body fill rates are usually used by warehouse promotion method, to control the fineness.Mill's warehouse filling rate is also affected by grate seam size, grate seam determines the velocity of the material through the grate plate, impact mill within the warehouse material the material level of high and low, obviously, high level must be high fill rate, material level is low, of course also don't need such a high fill rate;In addition, because the material moisture, liquidity, will affect the size of grinding material flow, thus can cause ground within the warehouse material level height is different, the filling rate of mill's warehouse shall be adjusted according to the actual situation accordingly.Into the coarser material particle size or large grinding machine, should choose fill rate is low, the whole loading mill grinding body totaled 88% ~ 92% in order to improve the impact of design flow;Into the grinding particle size is small and small grinding machine, optional high filling rate, total mill grinding medium loading capacity of 94% ~ 97% dynamic power design flow.Ball mill fill rates generally control between 25% ~ 25%, closed-circuit grinding machine filling rate is 28% ~ 22%, the average filling rate of open circuit grinding machine is 25% ~ 28%.